Best Gaming Routers

The router is a network device used to divide the protocol to other network parts, with the router then a contract can be shared to other network devices. Wireless Router is a router that has wireless capability that means besides as a router, and this tool also has a wi-fi connection.

You can enjoy the experience of browsing in the internet world free from obstacles and playing game especially Car Game (GTA V), such as disconnection or buffering, by maintaining the stability of internet connection at home by installing a wireless router. The wireless router is the solution to get quality network when using the internet. But it often happens when we have too many devices connected and trying to move large amounts of data around causes you to experience: loose connections, online lagging games, slowly loaded web pages, and stuttering streaming video and keeps pausing to the buffer due to Routers.

How to Choose Best Gaming Routers 

That use the old Wi-Fi standard mean sub-standard performance. Finally, you need to upgrade although Wireless routers can be confusing. It’s difficult to shop for and to set up a Wireless router. So, How to choose a router?

Here are simple tips that will help when you want to buy a replacement router.

1.Buy Wi-Fi Routers from a Retailer That Allows Returns because the Best Rated Wi-Fi Routers Can Have Varying Results.

There is a very important thing for us to know, because everyone’s operating environment is different as well as your home specific, devices that use your network and even your ISP can affect performance. Therefore after some testing even with the best of them, your results may vary.

For example, when we use Linksys WRT 1900AC a very powerful router with stellar reviews– Xbox Live was a problem. The problem is It just worked with my existing router, but between my ISP, the cable modem, the Xbox and the Linksys router, in this case, there are many settings to make Xbox Live active and running and never work with the same consistency.

Next, I tested a Netgear Nighthawk X6 router, it offered blistering speed inside the house and one of best budget router, but a 2-year-old AppleAAPL outperformed it -0.18% Airport Extreme when it came to delivering a reliable Wi-Fi signal to the depths of my backyard. I usually listen to music streaming out there in the summer and that is important to me. It is essential for us to know the product reviews firstly because it is beneficial but not a guarantee you will have a good experience.

so I encourage you to buy the seller who allows to restore the router and exchange it with others to avoid losses due to incompatibility of the router.

2. Go With 802.11ac

Have we noticed the Wi-Fi adapter from our laptop including Wifi standard with what speed ? Have we noticed that our Wi-Fi laptop adapters include Wi-Fi with the 802.11 standard, 802.11g, 802.11n or even 802.11b? The Wi-Fi network device products use standard 802.11n standard speed 150Mbps and with 3 spatial data streams MIMO speed technology can be increased up to 450Mbps.

Did you know that the fifth generation Wi-Fi standard able to penetrate the Gigabit speed? IEEE 802.11ac is a wireless standard on 802.11 network computers that are currently in development which can deliver speeds up to gigabits per second in 5GHz bands (in theory). This allows for broader RF bandwidth up to 160Mhz, and even up to 8 spatial data streams MIMO and high-density 256QAM. For a frequency of 5 GHz has a speed/bandwidth up to 1300 Mbps. As for the frequency 2.4 GHz speed/bandwidth up to 450 Mbps.

Imagine now where all the apps are GUI-based – all-around graphics, not to mention for streaming video and voice. Is it possible to use a network backbone with a speed of only 10Mbps only. Moreover, the wireless network with 802.11b standard with rates of up to 11mbps only, certainly not possible for streaming video or gaming.

Definitely, because of this latest technology then the price is more expensive than its predecessor. For gaming , the best gaming router is essential. Choosing an old router can hamper the optimized gaming experience. For example, you can select Buffalo AirStation AC1300/N900 Gigabit Dual Band WZR-D1800H as your best solution.

3. Placement is a Big Rule

The place you install or place the router can have a significant impact on the performance of your wifi network especially for homes that have many rooms. For the best work system and your comfort then the router should be in the center of the coverage area or the middle of your home (the middle floor and as close to the middle of the floor plan as possible ).

Some router makers have realized the importance of the attractive and trendy design of a router for its users, especially in this era. If the router looks stylish and has an aesthetic value, of course, you will not store it in the closet or corner of the basement. In general, to maximize the reach and performance of Wi-Fi with whatever wireless router you choose, you must go to the middle of the house And leave it in the open rather than hide it from view.

I have tried installing the router in some parts of my house, and I provide suggestions for the most optimal placements and significant impact on your Wi-Fi network. It will be perfect when you upgrade to 802.11ac and consider the best place for installation to maximize performance.