Fastest Car in GTA V

In this article be going over the top 4 best super and sports cars in GTA online. This is a 2018 updated list that will hopefully help you guys out if you’re looking for the best vehicles. Now I’ll be starting at the bottom of the list working our way to the number 1 vehicle.

Top 4 Best Super & Fastest Car in GTA V

Number 4# we have the best four-door sports vehicle

Now, this was a tough decision for me between two vehicles the coil Radin & the Pips tourney on. The coil Radin is an electric car that has four doors, and it is insanely quick, and it handles well. Comparing it to the Pips tourney on they are almost identical. They have very similar price tags. They have very similar performance stats, and they are both electric four-door sports vehicles. Ultimately I had to give this one to the Pips from neon solely because of the looks.

No I know looks are subjective but the pits are neon may be the best-looking car in GTA online. Even though the coil rate and ending neon have similar stats and are overall the same. Personally, I have more fun driving around the pits or neon when it comes to four-door vehicles for me you want to find something that is fun to drive. Because you usually will have some other passengers like your friends in your car. You want to get around quick you want to have fun drifting and sliding around, and the pips are neon does all of that. So if you’re looking for a four-door car the best one in a game, in my opinion, the pits are neon.

Number 3# we have the Nero custom

This is hands down. The best supercar for customization. It is Benny’s car it’s one of the last Benny’s vehicles because Rockstar has not added any new ones and that means it is loaded with customization. There are so many things you can change and make to look like you want it. But in addition to that customization this vehicle the Nero custom has one of the fastest top speeds in the game. That makes it perfect for star Racing not sure how many people still race or stunt race but if you do even do that sort of stuff the Nero custom is impressive for those long stretches of road.

Its handling is decent it’s nothing great, but it’s also not bad, and the acceleration is similar. But the reason you would want to buy the Nero custom is for that insane top speed and the crazy customization.

Number 2# we have the overflown ought arc

This is one of the new at doomsday vehicles and then putting it on the list for two reasons. Number one it is one of the unique looking supercars in the game. It’s almost the successor to there 7b in that this vehicle is it seems more like a racing car instead of an actual supercar, and I think actually because of that the other reason why I’m putting the car this list, it has some of the best traction and breaking out of any supercar. This thing sticks to the ground.

Because of that, you will rarely lose control of this car when you are turning it and going through corners. Now that is somewhat of a negative though because sometimes in free roam especially you want to have some fun slide around and see if you can drift perhaps. This is not that car. Also, it has some pretty good acceleration so combining the acceleration with the traction that makes for a perfect racing car and even a car you can use reasonably decently in the city.

Number 1# we have the cyclone

It is one of the unique vehicles in the game as it is an electric supercar and what that means is the acceleration is off the charts. The only other cars that accelerate faster are the rocket vehicles, and that’s because they have a rocket engine in them. This cyclone may be one of my favorite cars to drive around in the city. It’s one of my favorite escape cars if not the best escape car for free roam use. The reason is that that acceleration no one can catch up to you if your constant is turning and going through corners. Now yes on a straightaway or if you’re up in the north of the map it’s not going to do as good.

But if you’re down in the city let’s say you have a bounty on you, you have a bunch of people coming after you assuming they don’t try and blow you up with a jet or something you should if you’re a good enough driver be able to escape them. It’s fun to see people try and catch up with this vehicle if you’re continually going through corners. Because that acceleration it’s just it’s so quick you pull away from them as soon as that kicks in. In my opinion, it doesn’t look too bad it kind of looks beautiful it’s got some decent liveries so overall if you’re looking for an entertaining escape vehicle the cyclone is one of the best.