Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Part Exchange?

Yes. We could offer you a competitive deal, regardless of the condition of the car, with or without an MOT.

I’ve been turned down for car finance elsewhere, should I still apply?

Yes, your application can still be considered by our lenders. We’ve helped hundreds of people who have been turned down elsewhere get accepted for car finance.

How much can I borrow?

The loan advance is determined by the lender, dependent on your individual circumstances and affordability. As standard, advances range from £2,000 to £12,000 however customers aren’t obliged to take the whole of their available credit. This may vary depending on your choice of car and the monthly repayment.

How long does the whole process take?

The process is dependent on how soon you can visit one of our dealerships with the proofs and other information required by the lender.

If I get approved for credit, do I have to buy a car from you?

Yes, we supply the car and work with a carefully selected panel of lenders to arrange the finance.

I’ve been bankrupt in the past, will I get accepted?

As long as you have been discharged, your application will be considered.

Will ACF Car Finance conduct a credit check on me?

A credit search will be conducted by the lender when assessing your application.

How to Apply

  • Aged 21 or over
  • Hold a valid UK Driving Licence
  • Earning £800 or over per month
  • Resident in England or Wales
    (3 years' address history)
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