Cookie Policy

Definition of “Cookie”

A cookie is a message given to a web browser by a web server. Your web browser then stores the message in a text file on your computer. Each time the browser requests a page from the server, this message is sent back. A cookie’s main objective is to identify users and personalise their visit by customising web pages, for example by welcoming them by name next time they visit the same website. A website using cookies will usually invite you to provide personal information such as your name, email address and interests. You can set your browser not to accept cookies however in a few cases some of our website features may not function as a result.

Cookies and the EU Directive

From 26 May 2012 the Information Commissioner’s Office requires that UK websites comply with the EU legislation regarding use of cookies on websites. The new European Union directive requires us to confirm with our visitors that they are happy with our use of cookies when they visit our website.

First Party and Third Party Cookies

When a cookie is placed on your computer, it is given an owner. Where the cookie owner is the site who placed the cookie, this is called a first party cookie, and this is the default. Where a cookie is placed on behalf of another website, this is a third party cookie. We use both first and third party cookies, which may be placed when you visit any part of our domain. First party cookies are only accessible by an domain, although the information they contain may be transmitted to a third party, as defined below.

Cookies on our Website

Like many other companies, we use cookies on our website. We use them for a number of purposes which are defined below. Most of these cookies are persistent cookies so, even when you leave our site, the cookie’s data remains on your computer for a set amount of time. If you come back before that time limit expires we will be able to read the previous cookie data, and in some cases refresh the cookie to extend the time period. The information we retrieve from the cookie may help us to better serve your needs.

By using our website you are agreeing to our use of cookies as described on this page. If you wish to turn off cookies, either from our website or from all websites, your browser will allow you to change your cookie preference settings. Please see you browsers Help documentation for further information on this.

Other Third Party Cookies

A number of other cookies are used on our website to enhance your user experience. As these are third party cookies, they are not under our direct control, and you should therefore visit the parent website to find out how to opt-out of these cookies. Details of these cookies are provided below.

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